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Lowering Your Monthly Bills - Bills Reduction

Monthly Costs a Bit High? It makes no difference whether we are in good times or bad, each of us needs to live within our means. Our challenge is to temper our spending habits to reduce monthly expenses.

You can find tips on reducing housing expenses, transportation, family food and living costs, family and personal care, recreation costs and debt obligations. Use these tips to find ways to reduce costs and increase savings.

The best place to start is with our budgeting module. Review why and how to setup a budget. Then download FREE our budgeting worksheets to help design your own budget. Using a budget with our bill reduction tips will help you manage your money to meet financial objectives and needs.

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What is Pet Liability Insurance?

Any animal, no matter how seemingly calm and pleasant, can suddenly attack a stranger, a guest, or even a family member. In some cases, this attack can cause terrible injury or death. Pets are inherently unpredictable, and so it is the responsibility of every pet owner to purchase pet liability insurance.

An insurance policy like this greatly reduces the financial risk to which a pet owner is exposed. Carrying such a policy minimizes the financial burden incurred when an animal decides to attack another person or their property. By providing a source of funds when the unthinkable happens, this insurance protects not only the policyholder, but also any potential victims.

Why Carry Pet Liability Insurance?

All animals, even the sweetest and most docile, are unpredictable and potentially dangerous. A pet liability plan will pay for any damages, injury, or even death caused by any covered pets. The most common incident is a dog bite; nearly a million dog bites are reported every year in the USA alone. Liability insurance is therefore vital: most states in the country will hold the owner of the pet responsible for any damages or injury caused, except to trespassing persons.

Large Dog Owners

Large dogs are generally considered more likely to act violently, though whether this is factually true or caused by their larger size is very controversial. Still, if you own any kind of Bulldog, German Shepherd, Doberman, Chow Chow, Akita, or Great Dane, for example, it may be worthwhile to buy liability insurance after conducting a pet insurance comparison.

Exotic Pet Owners

It's often expensive to insure a more exotic pet, but this is because they are often less tame and domesticated and so more often aggressive and unpredictable than the average house pet. If you own a pet that has the potential to kill or spread illness, like a lizard carrying salmonella, pet liability insurance is the best way to protect yourself.

Pet Care Businesses

If you run a pet sitting or kennel business, anyone working for you is potentially at risk. Many people are willing to take that risk, but that doesn't change the fact that accidents sometimes happen, even to animal lovers. Insuring yourself and all of your employees against damage, injury, and death caused by the animals under your care is simply a business necessity. Any pet sitter's association or commercial pet or animal insurance provider can provide more information about pet liability insurance designed for business owners.

How can extreme frugality help you in your bill reduction process?

Extreme debts can be tackled only if you start living in extreme frugality. Even if you have to cut-down on your restaurant food or going to your favorite pubs and clubs, you must try doing that. The most important part of your life is to have a good savings account and a good retirement life. When you have these, you can enjoy, take trips abroad or eat in the best restaurants.

Try not to take out payday loans as you need to pay them off with your next paycheck and they have extremely high interest rates. If you have a lot of payday loans to pay off, consolidate payday loans so that you can save the rest of your money.

How to go about extreme frugality

Frugality is quite higher than being cheap. You just need to understand the main purpose of it and how it can really help you ahead in your life. You can slash away maximum of your unwanted expenditure if you go for frugality in your life. Frugality can become your habit if you practice it well and later on you’ll never have debts ever. Read on to know the nuances of leading a frugal life and succeeding in it:

  1. Know your limitations
    This is the best way to start living a frugal life. If you can manage to make a good start with your resources, you must do it. You must try to limit yourself to certain things such as home-cooked food or homemade items for different purposes. If you can manage to make a budget according to all these things, you can easily follow the budget well. Limiting yourself to low-priced things can really help you manage your salary money and can help you pay off your debts fast too. You may be able to afford a lot of things, but if those things are really expensive and not that important, try to forego those things and save that money for emergency purposes.

  2. Postpone small things
    This is going for a haircut or to the beautician. You can manage to have a facial at home and that can also cost you quite less. If you have any family member or friends who can give you a good haircut, you can ask them for this favor. You can even postpone the appointments to another week or maybe month so that you can save that money. You can also color your hair and take care of it at home. There are some really good hair oils that can help you have good and lustrous hair. You can also make use of offers and deals that many hair parlors offer. There are also certain coupons for that too.

  3. Frugality on clothing
    This can also make you feel very happy if you can save money on purchase of clothes and other items. You can buy clothes from shops that offer deals and discounts or you may also mix and match clothes for different occasions. That way, you make use of your old clothes as well as have a good savings. You can also avoid taking out payday loans to solve your money problems. You can consolidate payday loans but that hardly solves your money problem. You may need mortgage or loans later in life and if you can have good credit report, you can easily manage to take them out. If you have enough clothes for different occasions, you can manage to cut short your shopping and shop for other important items. If you get any exchange deal where you can exchange your old clothes for new attire, you can also take advantage of that.

You can manage to make your own things and also make things on your own. That way, you can save a lot of money and pay every bit of your debt. Try to reuse and recycle things that can help you save on new items. This will add up to your frugal life and you’ll be happier with the way you are able to maintain your economic stability.

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